THE Rules & VIP Procedures

♥ Come to class prepared.
This means you are responsible for having paper, pencil, books and any other supplies ALL YEAR LONG.

♥ Hands, feet, objects, and unkind works to yourself.
Self-explanatory. This includes throwing things at your neighbor, taking things from your neighbor. You may not say “Shut up, bite me, etc.”

♥ Respect others and other‘s property.
Do not tear up or write on anyone else’s things. Use a respectful tone with everyone and address all adults with “Yes ma’am No ma’am, Yes sir, No sir etc. Use manners at the lunch table.

♥ I‘ll stay in my seat and do my own work.
If someone is up in the room, you are not allowed out of your seat. No one is allowed out of his/her seat during class unless he/she is going to be sick. No copying anyone else’s homework, tests, etc.

Silence means no noise at all.
When I ask you to be silent, like during tests, there is to be no tapping, humming, etc.

Talk at appropriate times.
Sometimes you will raise your hand, sometimes you will call out, sometimes there will be discussion, sometimes there will be silence.