Math is one of the most important subjects. Each day you will have a math assignment of some kind, except on test days. The math homework I assign is NOT busy work. I only assign what you need to practice the skill. If you do not practice, you cannot learn, and I cannot help you. Try to work every problem. I will grade your math and then you will have a chance to correct your homework. This is to make sure you UNDERSTAND how to work the problem. I will help you any time (except during another class), but you have to tell me you do not understand. Please do not wait until you get the test, because by then, it is too late. I WILL NOT ACCEPT MATH DONE IN INK UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! MATH MUST BE DONE IN PENCIL!!


In science we will be keeping an interactive notebook. I will have a separate page explaining it, but neatness and organization is an important part of the notebook. This will help you learn and you will get a test grade for your notebook at the end of each nine weeks.

Weekly Reports

Every week I will send home a report which list all your test grades, your conduct grade, missing homework assignments, and AR points. You need to get this paper signed by your parents. It will be sent home in the weekly or daily communicator (WODC). Look for the report on Tuesday. You will be bringing your WODC to and from school every day.

Report Cards

When I average your test grades at the end of the nine weeks, I drop your lowest grade in every subject. I know that everyone can have an off day. I also average all of your homework grades together for one test grade. I do not drop any grades at mid-term. I will NOT drop a project grade.

Morning Break

In the morning, we will have a ten minute morning break. During this time you may get juice/milk and bring a snack. We will go outside. You can eat your snack outside as long as you pick up your trash. Please bring a snack that can be eaten in a timely manner. If your snack requires a preparation period, please let me know in advance so break is not affected.


At Mass I expect you to be an involved and participating member. Say the responses so I can hear them. Get out the song book; read the petitions. You will be receiving a participation test grade in religion for your behavior/participation in Mass. You don’t have to sing loud *that will be worth extra points* but you can still mouth the words. It is a prayer.


There are a few days that you will always have a test. The only exception will be days we do not attend a full week of school. For other tests not listed below, I will give you at least 2 days notice so you can study. We will review the day before the test. It is important that you pay attention during the review. Wednesdays: math tests Thursdays: reading tests Fridays: spelling tests & vocabulary tests

Reading Tests

When I use the book test, there will only be 5 questions. On the back there are 5 vocabulary questions. Since each question missed on the front is 20 points off, I give a 4 point bonus for each vocabulary word you get correct. Just like the spelling test the grade CANNOT exceed 105.

Cell phones/Ipods/bouncy balls/toy models etc

The handbook is very clear on technology and you are not allowed to have phones, game boys, DS, etc, if I see these things I will take them to the office. I know some of you might ride the bus and your parents want you to have this; however, do not get them out of your backpack!!!!! Thanks. Toys are an unnecessary distraction and I do not expect it to be an issue with older students, but I have children who would love any confiscated items you might choose to bring.


Note-taking is a skill that is developed in the seventh and eighth grades. It is key to your high school/college success. We will take notes in a subject at least once a day. You must participate in note-taking. If you fail to participate, there will be undesired consequences. If you are absent, you need to borrow someone else’s notes and write them down the next day.


When I give you a writing assignment, I expect it to be type-written. If you do not have a printer, please save it to disc or e-mail it to me at and I will print it out for you at school. If you do not have a computer at home, please let me know in advance and I will make arrangements for you to type your paper after or before school. The public library also provides computers for the public’s use. High school expects your papers to be typed and I am trying to ensure you establish good work habits.


In the event something happens in the home the night before a test, I am giving you six forms to fill out for the year. These forms must be completed the night before the test by an adult. When it is time to take the test, there will be no additional time to study or prepare. Preparation is YOUR responsibility. Once you have used the six papers, you will have to take the test if you are at school. When you MISS school and there is a test, expect to take the test on the day you return, unless we have a prearranged agreement. I need you to remind me if you are missing a test. I don’t always remember who missed what test, so please help me out!


Catholic 7th and 8th grade students who are ready will be making their fourth sacrament this year. We will be doing many more activities in religion including the keeping of a daily prayer journal. Please encourage your child, pray with your child, and talk to your child about your Confirmation. This is an exciting time and students need to begin doing their service hours. Students should obtain a MINIMUM of 20 service hours (preferably closer to 40) over the course of this school year. Service hours are obtained by performing a service to help someone where there is no type of reward except the satisfaction of helping someone out. Examples include: volunteering at the public library, volunteering at God’s Storehouse, collecting food for a food pantry, raking an elderly neighbor’s leaves, visiting the shut-ins at the nursing home, visiting with elderly neighbors who you are not related to but do know, making cards for the shut-ins and sick in our parish, volunteering to help Father Joseph, cleaning the church on Saturday with the ladies, cleaning the house for your parents for no allowance, helping a sibling read/study with no complaining etc. . .  Your Confirmation sponsor should be a practicing Catholic who will help you on your journey. Some people choose one of their Godparents as an extension of their previous commitment. Sometimes the Godparents in question are no longer devoted Catholics, in this case, you should select someone else. The church does not encourage you to select a grandparent or a parent, since they are already supposed to be developing your faith. Please select your sponsor so they can begin to plan for your Confirmation. The date is the first Saturday in May at 10:00 a.m.