Behavior Management for Classroom

 To:  The parents of the 1st/2nd grade students.  

Subject:  Behavior Management

My class will be using a card system.  There are four color cards in each student’s pocket on the behavior chart.  The colors are green, yellow, orange, and red

      Green Card:  The students will begin each day with a positive card (green).  If a student needs a reminder about behavior, I will move the green card to the back of the pack as I identify for the child the rule not being followed. 

      Yellow Card:  The next card (yellow) will show.  This is a reminder to the student to be responsible for his/her own actions.  If the student needs additional reminders, I will move the yellow to the back of the pack.  The orange card will show. 

      Orange Card:  The orange card is “Think about it.”

      Red Card: The red card is the final reminder.  The red card means I will contact the parent by phone or letter to discuss the importance of following classroom rules and responsible actions.


The positive consequences will be free time on Friday.  The color cards represent minutes earned each day for free time.  The students accumulate minutes throughout the week. 

     Green Card:  5 minutes.  If a child ends the day with a green card, he/she will get 5 minutes towards free time on Friday. 
    Yellow Card:  3 minutes.  A yellow card gives 3 minutes. 
    Orange Card:  2 minutes.  An orange card gives 2 minutes.
    Red Card:  0 minutes.  A red card gives 0 minutes. 
I will be keeping track daily on the behavior calendar in the students Homework Folder. The card the student ends with at the end of the day will signify the

Free Friday is a 20 minute free time during the day.  Students will get to choose any activity.  Students with less than 20 minutes will be told the time he or she will get to start their free time.